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This image was found at Wikimedia Commons. It is a photograph taken of a graffiti image in Lebanon depicting a pregnant woman. Photographer Pettieri Sulonen captures the essence of street art. Here is an extract from Wikipedia's article:

"In Lebanon, artists use graffiti as a form of self-expression. One artist explains, "It’s not like Europe or America. There, graffiti is a rebellion. Here, there’s nothing to rebel against." Major Corporations even hire graffiti artists to advertise their products. Artists are free to work in the streets without fear of consequences. Another artist claims the people "want to see some cool graffiti, not a newspaper on the wall.” Some artists fear for the future of street art in Lebanon if artists start collaborating with corporations. They do not want restrictions placed on their creativity or be turned into "sheep." Artists in Lebanon are respectful of each other’s work and even view street art as a game to create the most beautiful graffiti. The same artist goes further to say: “it's not a competition, it’s a game. In a competition, there’s a winner at the end. There is no winner here, because there is no end." [1]

Photographer: Petteri Sulonen
Photographer Location: Helsinki, Finland
Source: Flickr
Taken: 2005-03-31
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